Hi everyone,

Welcome to Raquel’s World! Thank you for visiting my page in Olustories, where I take you on a journey with me…if you guessed it – around the world. I have traveled to over fifty-five countries, spanning five continents, mostly backpacking on my own. While there have been ups and downs and a few bright spots with each adventure, every moment has been adventurous. I have been fascinated by the diversity and complexity of our global village and I have learned to embrace the commonality that binds us all as members of one human race.

I am originally from Spain and currently based in Brazil, where I am studying in my last semester at São Paulo University, while interning at the Consulate of Spain, developing original research with refugees and migrants from Venezuela and Haiti, especially women. Last year, I lived in Washington DC, where I was thrilled to attend The George Washington University and worked in consulting and diplomacy.

Because I think travel is a way to enrich us as individuals and make us more empathetic ,while we have fun, and to unite us as one people of our one global village, I would love to share my experiences and tips with you to help make informed choices and strategies to optimize your travels.

Higher education has given me an opportunity to also immerse myself for longer spells in a number of countries, and I will use my university experiences in living and studying abroad to also help international students eager for an insight on what to expect abroad.

Since I majored in International Affairs at the Autonomous University of Madrid, I love to share knowledge on facilitating intercultural communication, migrations and the effects of globalization on the tourism industry.

Enough said. Visit me soon for a trip around our fascinating world. It’s Raquel’s World!

Raquel Recuero