keep the faith

Check out this mask: It embraces the times we now live in. Through art, I continue to find creative ways to inspire and send motivational messages. If you have a keen eye, you will notice the ‘Faith’ bracelet too.

Not only do I live by this prophetic word, but also it is the slogan our new President stands on when he says, ‘Keep the faith’.

Shiri, you may protest, but we’ve seen this painting before haven’t we? Yes, indeed we have, and the painting was recently selected for a specially curated online exhibition with Puffin Foundation, Puffin Cultural Forum’s online exhibition based on The Election, 2020

And while you may have seen the painting before, you have not seen it with those words, ‘Faith’ inscribed on it. 😊

The beauty of the mask (the interchangeable mask) is that we can inscribe what we want on it to project a new message.

The message started with the word ‘VOTE,’ when I used the painting and those simple four-letter words inscribed on the mask worn by an elderly man of amorphous identity, to urge people to vote. Then the words evolved to read, ‘I VOTED’. The message was adapted to address all those who voted and those who were proud and happy that they did!

Finally, it is only right to end with these immortal words that always project hope! Beautiful powerful words our President, Joe Biden, lives by: Faith.

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Thus, I made the painting with the interchangeable words mask!

It was because of my once in a lifetime encounter with the President of the United States of America, Joe Biden, that I was motivated in so many ways to do what I could to urge Americans to vote and after we all voted, to celebrate his win through my art! (Please read the previous post here:

When Shiri Achu and her family met then Senator Joe Biden in 2007.

And now I too hope and keep the faith as I look forward to working on a special project for him some day, and of course, for our first female vice president, Kamala Harris as well. Words cannot express how elated I was on January 20, during the inauguration ceremony to see America’s first female–and the first African American and first Asian American–vice president take her oath of office.

Congratulations President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris!!!