Let’s look at the word fat. In today’s world this word has such a negative connotation to it, but it’s really just a descriptive word and should be regarded as somewhat harmless—as objectively permissible.

Wouldn’t you prefer a big fat juicy steak than a lean pale skinny one? Not taking a dig at slim folks though.

Now let’s look at the struggles about weight which we all face, especially women.

We are either too thin or too fat, we can never seem to contently get that perfect size or remain that perfect size.

Growing up, and ever since I was a baby, I have always been a ‘chubby lil thing.’ I was so big at the age of one, I’m yet to see a baby like me. I wasn’t obese, I was just big. Well, now I’m just the ‘chubby lady’ (now kind of obese if you use the BMI scales).

As a kid, I detested having my chubby cheeks pinched and squeezed or kissed non-stop by over-enthusiastic ‘aunties’ – eye roll…all the while saying how cute and chubby I was and at the same time telling my mom to put me on a diet. More eye rolling.

Little Chinny Maia with her mom and her aunts.

If only they knew the struggle my mom and my poor nanny had to go through to make sure I managed to get at least one complete meal, without my fussing or throwing it right back up—I really didn’t like eating and chewing was a chore.

I was nicknamed ‘roly-poly’ as a kid, because mean kids said instead of walking, I rolled.

Now looking at me, one would think I eat like a pig, especially since I love cooking and I like posting photos of my recipes on Facebook, as I experiment and try out unique and good food. However, the truth is that I hardly eat, I get bored easily with food and I don’t like to chew.

I also know of people that have stomachs like a never-ending black hole, who eat non-stop. But if you see them you would set up a go-fund me page to help feed them, since they look starved, or as skinny as skinny can be! The difference in our appearance can sometimes be beyond our control and all boil down to the genes we inherit from our parents. Consequently, that’s why one should not judge a book by its cover and make assumptions on just what you see at face value.

If you follow my eating habits, one would become cachexic. I love a French salad and toast, soups and fresh juices. I’m not a fast food person, nor do I have a sweet tooth, but I can never seem to shed the weight.

I just need to pass by a picture of a burger, and I add on ten pounds!

Many people are struggling with various medical issues or are just naturally chubby. If you are lucky to be a size zero despite snuffing up five large pizzas and fries a day, lucky you…But we can’t all be like you so please stop making us feel bad.

I have now accepted that this is me and learned to love my many folds and creases. Try and be healthy and active and above all, be happy. Stay active, positive and productive.

We should stop comparing ourselves to the photo shopped model pictures or the starving and anorexic models. We all come in different shapes, colour and sizes, that’s what makes the world interesting, just imagine a world with no diversity, it would be like watching a wild life scene on a  black and white TV instead of a lovely HD ultra-color TV…How dull and boring.

We should not define ourselves by our outward appearance and most especially by other people’s perceptions, instead we should be bold and proud of our unique self. You are not a dime a dozen.

So like I  tell people when they maliciously call me fat or suggest I eat a salad or not eat at all when they see me at the cafeteria—I just smile and say I’m not fat, I’m just cuddly, there is more of me to love and hold!

Thus, I don’t see myself as ‘Fat’ – I’m ‘Cuddly.’

A happy Chinny Maia in 2019.

Dr. Chinny is on call!